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What Do you think of Professional Boxers becoming eligible to compete in the Rio Olympics?

To me, Im pretty puzzled how professional boxers are allowed to compete in the Olympics, bearing in mind professionals do this as a job. They have more rounds, perhaps 6,7, or  8. An amateur is brought up with 3 rounds and so it puzzles me.

It could be dangerous, if an amateur is training probably 3 days a week and a pro does this as a career, I don’t understand it makes no sense why they would allow this?

I believe that it can be very harmful, the health hazard does not make sense, the power that professionals hit with, I cannot understand how they would allow this to be, only time will tell.

So to be in the Olympics, it doesn’t look right, only the future will tell.

Where does this leave the amateurs? and where does this stop?

Hypothetically if Joe Calzaghe or others want to come back to boxing just to win the Olympic gold medal, they could, I believe is stupid.

So what is Next ??

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Question from Jules

Regarding the Olympics, how does the selection process work?

Normally the winners of the British ABA automatically are selected to go to the Olympics.

I can’t understand how the BBBofC have allowed their boxers to compete in the Olympics being that a professional boxer is a full time job.

We know the bbbofc pride themselves to be heavily focused on health and safety.

So how do they select which boxers to send to the Olympics? can they send David Haye? Fury? other world champions? how is this going to work?

In my opinion, I don’t believe it should be allowed.

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